Awesome Auction Video!

Check out this amazing video that was shown at the Rock N Roll Up Auction. Many thanks to Helen Green for putting it together. Go Owls!

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Volunteers Needed!



Volunteers still needed for the auction – any and all help would be welcome!



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Enrichment Class Registration Ends Monday 3/23

Registration for Spring 2015 Enrichment Class Registration Ends Tomorrow 3/23!

Please visit http://k5stempta.org/enrichment-programs-preview/ for more information and to register online. If you require a paper registration form you can download and print one from our Web site, or pick one up in the office. Return paper forms to the PTA Enrichment Program mailbox with your payment.


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Pi Day Festivities!


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Operations and BTA Levy Meeting on March 31st


Seattle Public Schools is hosting a community meeting Tuesday, March 31, 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Fairmount Park Elementary (School lunchroom) 3800 SW Findlay Street to share information about the next Operations Levy and our Buildings, Technology, Academics/Athletics IV (BTA IV) Capital Levy on the February 2016 Seattle ballot. Staff members will present information, ask for comments and answer questions.

  • The Operations Levy renews every three years, represents nearly 25% of the district’s annual general fund budget and supports basic educational programs not fully funded by the state.
  • The Buildings, Technology and Academics IV (BTA IV) Capital Levy renews every six years and funds hundreds of small renovations and major maintenance projects, as well as technology, academic and athletic initiatives at our school buildings.

Information on the priorities and levy projections can be found here.

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Spring Enrichment Registration is Now Open!

Registration for Spring 2015 Enrichment Classes is now open!

Please visit http://k5stempta.org/enrichment-programs-preview/ for more information and to register online.  If you require a paper registration form you can download and print one from our Web site, or pick one up in the office. Return paper forms to the PTA Enrichment Program mailbox with your payment.

If you need a scholarship, or are able to be a parent volunteer for a class, please contact afterschool@k5stempta.org.

All programs have minimum and maximum enrollment numbers, so please consider registering within a within a week to ensure programs can run and your child has a spot in your desired class. Registration ends March 23rd.


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Spring Enrichment!


We are proud to offer several new classes, including another Sing Out Seattle performance, Art Glass, G.B. Bots (Girls Build Robots) as well as standard favorites for this Spring session of Enrichment Classes. Registration will be open from March 13th-23rd, with most classes starting the week of April 2nd. Please make sure to check start days/times!

Questions? Email Linnea at afterschool@k5stempta.org.


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Lion Dancers visit STEM!


The Franklin High School Lion Dancers delighted our kids today at their Monday morning assembly to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year and the Year of the Goat! The performers did an amazing job engaging their audience, often waggling a long feathery tongue or batting their huge eyelashes at their young admirers. Fun was had all around and what a great way to start the week!  Watch the video here.

IMG_3542 (2)IMG_3538 (2)IMG_3547 (2)


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STEM PTA Pizza PI(e) Dinner

Come get irrational and transcendental with pizza pi(e) dinner & a pi(e) walk!

WHAT: Pizza and pie walk

            Pizza Pi: Cheese, pepperoni, gluten free, and vegan will be on hand

            Pi Walk: A cake walk, but with pie! Donations of pies welcome. $1 per participant per round

            STEM PTA will supply all the utensils, plates, and drinks

WHEN: Friday, March 13th (3/14/15 – pi day!) from 5:30-7pm

WHERE: Boren Cafeteria

WHY: To celebrate pi, Albert Einstein’s birthday & have fun!

HOW: Suggested $10 per family donation (collected at the event- checks or cash).

WHO: STEM friends

More information at (and you can RSVP!): www.facebook.com/K5STEMPTA


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Islandwood Fundraiser- Parents Night Out!

Our 4th Grade classes are raising funds for Islandwood environmental camp! Register today to have a Parent’s Night Out (or stay in!).  Movie, pizza and games- sounds like fun!

When: Friday, February 13th from 5:30 – 8:30 PM

Why: This is a fundraiser to help the fourth grader go to Islandwood (a week long science camp).

Cost: $30 for the first child, $10 for each additional child. This event is only available to students at K-5 STEM.

What: Games, pizza served by fourth graders, movies, popcorn and fun! Feel free to bring your sleeping bag and pillow.

If you would like your child to join us please fill out the bottom section of this form. Please turn the form in to Ms. Newton’s box (located in the office). We will accept the first 35 students to attend the event.


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THE MACHINE- Mr. Gluck’s Classroom

What started as a new year warm up quickly morphed into a all-consuming Engineering, problem-solving and team-building experience for Mr. Gluck’s class!

The parameters were simple (and, per usual, intentionally vague): using the materials available, construct a path for a tennis ball to follow. Together, they planned the assessment tools by which they would measure success. The class assigned point values to all materials (with a quick lesson in drawing 3D shapes). They then developed the scoring criteria: completed projects would be measured in length, height, time taken for the ball to travel, and of course STP (Smooth, Tight, and Pretty, as all well-fabricated structures should be).

The planning stage included a variety of loops, jumps, and the occasional ring of fire, all of which quickly fell to the wayside as the students realized that creating a direct path would be difficult enough! After about a day and a half of construction, one team asked another if they could combine their projects in a Voltron-esque attempt to take the top prize. This conversation quickly spread around the class, and soon enough the class was facing an entirely different challenge. With each of the four groups focusing on one side of the square, the students committed to building a singular structure that would allow the tennis ball to travel in a full circuit around the classroom.

Summary: Watch the video, and pass it along. We’re doing amazing things here and we like to show off.

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Get Ready to Rock ‘n’ Roll UP at the STEM Auction!


Saturday, March 28, 2015
The Hall at Fauntleroy
5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Wear your rock ‘n’ roll finest!

Visit the Auction Information page for details and tickets!

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Arbor Heights and STEM Random Acts of Kindness Food Drive


February 9th – February 13th 2015

Collecting donations for the Backpack Program!

 Individual Sizes:

Shelf Stable Milk

 Juice Boxes or Cans

 Fruit Cups

Cereal (.95oz)

Instant Oatmeal

Cup of Noodle

Individual Microwaveable Meals (e.g. Ravioli, Mac n’ Cheese, Spaghetti O’s, etc)

Top Ramen


Healthy Snacks(e.g. granola bars, animal crackers etc)

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5th Grade Science – Theory to Practice

During the months of October to December, 5th grade students at STEM engaged in a study of landforms. Specifically, students used large-scale models of landforms to investigate the effects of surface run-off (from rainfall) on watersheds. What they discovered is that unstable soils, or soils lacking vegetation, will erode more rapidly than soils stabilized by native vegetation (see video below).

So when an opportunity arose two weeks ago to put their newfound discoveries into action, STEM 5th grade students worked with Seattle Parks and Recreation to plant native trees and shrubs on a hillside just south of the school on Delridge Way SW (see photos below). Their efforts both beautified the neighborhood and improved the soil/plant ecosystem.













Mr. Parsley and Mr. DesAutels are very proud of the work their students did in this science unit. There is no greater joy for a parent or teacher than to see learning transferred to a real-world application. Thank you 5th graders and parents who supported this event.

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Books, Books and More Books!

Our Book Fair has paid off!

We received a large shipment of new books for the library that was the result of proceeds from our Winter Book Fair (in December). Thank you to everyone who came out to participate!

Mrs. Bannister was also awarded a Donor’s Choose Grant which allowed her to purchase sets of 6 copies each of the 2014 Sasquatch Award Nominee’s for our readers. Congrats, Mrs. B!

IMG_3415 IMG_3414 IMG_3413 IMG_3416


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2nd Annual STEM Art Walk and Potluck

Artowl2nd Annual STEM Art Walk and Potluck

This Thursday, January 22
5:30 – 7:30pm

A community gathering sponsored by our PTA for all of our families and friends.

Please bring a dish to share and tour the school to see the amazing projects created in our classrooms.

Enjoy food, art and short student performances.

PTA will provide plates, utensils, napkins, cups, water & lemonade.

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Blue Friday!

12Special Blue Friday Seahawks Spirit Wear day tomorrow!
Kids can wear Seahawks shirts/sweatshirts, owl shirts/sweatshirts, Spirit Wear or blue/green tops to school tomorrow.

Go Birds!

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